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Chapter 4 Using Smart Function
Chapter 4
Using Smart Function
4-1. Using Smart Function “Smart Detection” “Smart
Resolution” “Smart Insight”
Smart Detection
This function allows you to select the area on the screen to which the “Smart
Resolution” or “Smart Insight” setting is applied (only animated images or whole
Smart Resolution
This function adjusts the perceived resolution of the images so that the blurs are
reduced and images are displayed vividly and clearly.
In addition, you can correct the color of skin and text affected by the “Smart
Resolution” settings.
Skin Tone Enhancer: Detects the skin tone in the image, and corrects the skin
tone to look natural.
Text Enhancer:
Detects the text in the image, and corrects the coloring of
the text and blurring around the text.
Smart Insight
This function analyzes the image and corrects the brightness for each pixel to
make dark area of images visible.
It is effective for images with dark area that are less visible and for bright
• “Smart ±nsight” detects the displayed scenes and corrects the screen brightness
automatically. Therefore, the brightness may change slowly, for example, during
scene transitions.
The setup for these functions is performed in the “Smart Functions” menu.
• When “Eco” or “sRGB” is selected from the color mode, the “Smart Functions” menu is not displayed. (When you press
on the remote control, “This operation is not available on current status” is displayed.)
• Set “Smart Resolution” or “Smart ±nsight” to “Off” to disable the function.
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