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Chapter 2 Adjusting Screens
2-4. Screen Adjustment
Digital Signal Input
When digital signals are input, images are displayed correctly based on the preset data of the monitor, but if
characters and/or lines appear blurred, go to
“6. Modify blurred characters or lines.” (page 25)
When performing more advanced adjustment, see
“2-3. Adjusting Color” (page 15)
and subsequent pages.
Analog Signal Input
• The monitor will take about 30 minutes before its internal electric components stabilize. Wait 30 minutes or more after
turning the monitor power on before starting adjustment.
• The Self Adjust (automatic screen adjustment) function does not work for the images under the resolution of 800 × 600
• The self adjustment (or automatic screen adjustment) function works correctly when an image is fully displayed over
the Windows or Macintosh display area. They do not work properly in the cases below:
- When an image is displayed only on a part of the screen (command prompt window, for example)
- When a black background (wallpaper, etc.) is in use
Also, these functions cannot work properly in some graphic boards.
The monitor screen adjustment is used to suppress ²ickering of the screen or adjust screen position and screen
size correctly according to the PC to be used.
• The Self Adjust function works when all of the following conditions are satisIed:
- When a signal is input into the monitor for the Irst time or when a resolution or vertical/horizontal scan frequency not
used before is set
±f the screen is not displayed correctly even after performing the Self Adjust operation, adjust the screen
according to the procedures on the following pages to use the monitor comfortably.
Setting Procedures
Perform the auto adjustment.
To adjust ²ickering, screen position, and screen size automatically
Choose “Screen” in the Setting menu, and press
Choose “Auto Screen Adjust” in the “Screen” menu, and press
3. Select “Yes” with
, and press
Flickering, screen position, and screen size are corrected by the auto-adjustment function.
If the screen is not displayed correctly even after performing the auto adjustment, perform adjustments
according to the following procedure. If the screen is displayed correctly, go to
“5. Adjusting color gradation.”
(page 25)