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3. Auto FineContrast
3. Auto FineContrast
By registering a FineContrast mode to each application, the monitor automatically switches its
FineContrast mode for each application.
The “WindowMovie” mode, specially provided for this software, is available.
±n the “WindowMovie” mode, the brightness of
window area can be controlled separately
(Refer to
“3-2. WindowMovie Mode” (page 12)
±f your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7, the “WindowMovie” mode is not available because
overlay is not supported.
The Auto FineContrast function requires the ScreenManager Pro for LCD setting icon is resident in the
notiIcation area.
The Auto FineContrast function cannot be used when the monitor is being adjusted using
Use the Auto FineContrast function after the monitor adjustment.
The FineContrast mode is referred to as the Color mode depending on the type of your monitor.
Refer to
“Allow independent mode switching
by screen” (page 11)
Check to activate Auto FineContrast
Refer to
“If unregistered application starts
up, apply” (page 11)
Refer to
“Set priority for WindowMovie mode”
(page 11)
Register a FineContrast mode to the
application, or delete the registration.