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1. Setting Up
Install the software
Click “±nstall” on the menu, then the ScreenManager pro for LCD installer starts up.
Follow the instruction of the menu to install the software.
When the installation completes, the ScreenManager Pro for LCD setting icon appears in the
Windows notiIcation area.
Download and install the software from our website according to the following procedure.
. Extract the downloaded Ile.
Double-click “Setup.exe”.
The setup wizard starts up.
±nstall the software as prompted by the wizard.
1-3. Setting Icon in the Noti±cation Area
The software has detected the connected monitor. ScreenManager Pro for LCD is active.
The software has not detected the connected monitor. ScreenManager Pro for LCD is not
active. Con±rm the USB cable is correctly connected. If the problem persists, turn off the PC
power, then turn it back on.
“10. Using the Software with Multi-monitor Setting” (page 25)
when connecting two or more
monitors with the system.
The software does not detect the monitor automatically when using SX3031W monitor with “Dual
Display” setting. Follow the procedure described in
“Manual Setting” (page 25)