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About ScreenManager Pro for LCD
About ScreenManager Pro for LCD
ScreenManager Pro for LCD is the software for adjusting the monitor from the computer using the
mouse or keyboard through the USB interface.
• Auto FineContrast
By registering a FineContrast mode to each application, the monitor automatically switches its
FineContrast mode for each application.
The “WindowMovie” mode, specially provided for this software, is available.
(The FineContrast mode is referred to as the Color mode depending on the type of your monitor.)
• Color Adjustment (Adjustment Data Registration Function)
The ScreenManager Pro for LCD software provides the monitor’s color adjustment function. Adjusted
data can be stored/loaded as registry data of the system.
User color data is also available as a mode for Auto FineContrast function.
• Screen Adjustment
The ScreenManager Pro for LCD software provides the monitor’s screen adjustment functions through
the computer.
• Hot Key Setting
The monitor functions can be assigned to any keys on the keyboard.
• Timer
The software turns on / off the monitor’s power based on the preset timer schedule.
• Sound Control
Volume and balance can be controlled if the monitor employs built-in speakers.
For HD24xxW/MH240W, the settings such as the volume of external speakers connected to the
monitor are adjustable, and the sound can also be adjusted with the ScreenManager Pro for LCD.
• EyeCare
By recording the monitor operating time and showing pop up messages periodically, you can care the
health of your eyes.
EyeCare Recorder
When the ScreenManager Pro for LCD is active, the power-on time of the monitor is recorded.
Recorded monitor operating time can be output to the CSV Ile, or checked with the pop up
messages in the notiIcation area.
EyeCare Reminder
Any pop up messages can be shown periodically.
• Multi-monitor Setting Support
Using the monitor with Multi-monitor setting, the software sets up or adjusts each monitor individually.