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The function to control the brightness of backlight and the gain level as well as correct gamma value
according to the images. So it can produce high-contrast images.
The function to show a color gamut of the monitor according to the speciIcation of the conIgured color
gamut (such as sRGB).
The function to enhance the color difference between pixels of the image to sharpen the outline of the
image and enrich the texture. ±t can also blur the outline so that the image looks smooth and soft.
Displaying several screens, such as video screens, with overlapped. This function is supported by a
graphic board. The “Software DVD Player” uses this function to display DVD screen. Also other
applications, such as “Windows Media Player”, “QuickTime Player”, “RealPlayer” and TV Play
application use this function.
sRGB is the international standard for unifying such as color reproduction and color space of computer
peripheral devices (monitor, printer, digital camera, scanner and so on). Set monitor’s FineContrast mode
to “sRGB”, the color temperature of the monitor is Ixed to 6500K.
The mode to brighten the overlay window area when using the video application. ±t is suitable for using
an e-mail or word processing application as playing videos brightly on DVD or TV program.