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10. Using the Software with Multi-monitor Setting
Using the Software with Multi-monitor Setting
ScreenManager Pro for LCD supports the multi-monitor setting and it can control two or more monitors
through the software.
Before you use the application software, conIrm none of the following problems exist. ±f the one of the
following problems remain, perform Manual Setting.
ScreenManager Pro for LCD setting icon is displayed in monochrome, even though the USB cable has
been connected correctly and the computer has been restarted.
The connected monitor is not displayed in “Monitor” pull-down menu of the setting window.
The target monitor cannot be controlled, or the other monitor is controlled instead of target monitor.
Manual settings are not possible when the monitor is being adjusted using ColorNavigator.
Manual settings are not possible while SelfCorrection is running.
Manual Setting
Right-click the icon in the noti±cation area and select the “Monitor Connection
List” from the list
Click the “Manual setting” and follow the instruction on screen to assign the
monitor to the software