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9. EyeCare
Set EyeCare Recorder and EyeCare Reminder
How to set EyeCare Recorder
Check “Record the operating time”.
When the ScreenManager Pro for LCD is running, the monitor operating time is recorded up to
three months on a 20-minute basis.
How to set EyeCare Reminder
The message is periodically popped up on the ScreenManager Pro for LCD setting icon in the
notiIcation area.
Check “Pop up the message periodically”
Set the display intervel of the message
The message can be set up to 24 hours by the hour.
Click “Edit Message” to edit the message
The message editing window appears. The message can be edited within 255 characters.
9-2. Operating Time Checking
By checking “Record the operating time” of the EyeCare Recorder (refer to
“9-1. EyeCare Setting” (page
), you can check the operating time of your monitor.
Check the Operating Time with Pop up Message
The monitor operating time will pop up on an hour basis by clicking the ScreenManager Pro for LCD
setting icon or by starting up the ScreenManager Pro for LCD.
Output the Operating Time to the CSV File
Click “Output File” in the EyeCare setting window (refer to
“9-1. EyeCare Setting” (page 23)
) to output
the monitor operating time to the CSV Ile in the past three months on a day basis.