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9. EyeCare
9. EyeCare
By recording the monitor operating time and showing pop up messages periodically, you can care the
health of your eyes.
EyeCare Recorder
When the ScreenManager Pro for LCD is active, the power-on time of the monitor is recorded. The
screen saver running time is recorded (because the monitor is on). However, when the monitor is in
the power saving mode, the time is not recorded. About the power saving mode, refer to the user’s
manual of the monitor.
Recorded monitor operating time can be output to the CSV Ile, or checked with the pop up messages
in the notiIcation area.
EyeCare Reminder
Any pop up messages can be shown periodically.
The EyeCare (EyeCare Recorder / EyeCare Reminder) requires the ScreenManager Pro for LCD setting
icon is resident in the notiIcation area.
The “USB Power Save” setting will be disabled if the EyeCare Recorder function is used on a monitor
equipped with the “USB Power Save” function.
9-1. EyeCare Setting
Right-click the ScreenManager Pro for LCD setting icon in the noti±cation area,
and select “EyeCare Setting” from the list
EyeCare setting window appears.
When two or more monitors are connected to the system, select the monitor to set
from “Monitor” pull-down menu
±f some monitors are not displayed, perform
“Manual Setting” (page 25)
±f the target monitor is changed, all of the previous records are vanished.