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8. Sound
8. Sound
Volume, treble, bass and/or balance can be controlled for the built-in speaker supported monitor.
For HD24xxW, the settings such as the volume of external speakers connected to the monitor are
adjustable, and the sound can also be adjusted with the ScreenManager Pro for LCD.
Sound settings are not possible while SelfCorrection is running. Make sound settings after
SelfCorrection is Inished.
When two or more monitors are connected to the system, select the monitor to set
from “Monitor” pull-down menu
±f some monitors are not displayed, perform
“Manual Setting” (page 25)
Adjust the sound in “Sound Control” according to your preference
For some monitor models, some items may not be adjustable.
Click “Reset” to change the settings back to the default.
For HD24xxW/FX2431/FX2431TV, the sound does not get back to the default by clicking “Reset”.