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7. Timer
7. Timer
With this function, the monitor’s power is automatically turned on or off at the preset time (the monitor
power status is the same as pressing the power button of the monitor directly). This function refers to the
system clock in the OS, making it independent from the monitor or computer’s power saving system. An
alarm option which is activated 5 minutes before turning off the monitor, is available.
The timer function is not active when the monitor is being adjusted using ColorNavigator.
The “USB Power Save” setting will be disabled if the timer function is used on a monitor equipped
with the “USB Power Save” function.
Check to alarm 5 minutes before turning off
the monitor. Refer to
“How to Set the Alarm”
(page 21)
Specify the time and select on or off setting
of the power.
Click to set the day of the week when the
timer works. Refer to
“How to Specify the Day
of the Week for the Timer” (page 21)
Click to hear the set alarm sound.
When two or more monitors are connected to the system, select the monitor to set
from “Monitor” pull-down menu
±f some monitors are not displayed, perform
“Manual Setting” (page 25)
Specify the time to turn on or off the monitor
Up to eight schedules can be set.