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Chapter 1 Introduction
Be careful of the following points when using the built-in calibration sensor.
Do not touch the built-in calibration sensor.
It may reduce the measurement accuracy of the built-in calibration sensor, or result in injury
or equipment damage.
• A high temperature or high humidity environment may affect the measurement accuracy of the built-in calibration
sensor. We suggest storing and using the monitor under the following conditions.
- Temperature 30ºC or less
- Humidity 70% or less
Avoid storing or using the sensor where it may be exposed to direct sunlight.
• This monitor supports both portrait and landscape format. You can change the orientation of the Setting menu when
using the monitor screen in vertical display position. (See
“3-3. Setting Orientation” (page 34)
• For using the monitor with “Portrait” position, the graphics board supporting portrait display is required. When placing
the monitor in a “Portrait” position, settings of your graphics board need to be changed. Refer to the User’s Manual of
the graphics board for details.
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