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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 1
1-1. Features
• 24.1″ wide format LCD
• Wide color gamut (Adobe
RGB coverage: 97%)
• Applicable to the resolution of 1920 × 1200.
• ±PS panel with 178˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles
• Frame synchronization mode supported (23.75 - 30.5Hz, 47.5 - 61.0Hz)
• 3 signal input terminals (DV±-± × 1, HDM± × 1, DisplayPort × 1)
DisplayPort connector (applicable to 8 bit and 10 bit)
HDM± connector (applicable to 8 bit, 10 bit, and 12 bit)
Not applicable to audio signals.
• Color mode function
Reproduces a color gamut and gamma compliant with the following standard.
Broadcasting standards “EBU/REC709/SMPTE-C”
Digital cinema standard “DC±”
“To select the display mode (color mode)” (page 17)
• Attaching the “Adjustment CertiIcate”, which describes the factory measurement results of the grayscale and
uniformity characteristics for each monitor
• Supports portrait and landscape format
(rotate 90˚ clockwise)
• This product is equipped with a built-in calibration sensor, and supports SelfCalibration in which the monitor
executes calibration independently.
“Chapter 4 SelfCalibration” (page 39)
• The provided “ColorNavigator” calibration software enables you to calibrate monitor characteristics and
generate color proIles
“1-3. E±ZO LCD Utility Disk” (page 10)
• Supports Color Vision DeIciency Simulation Software “UniColor Pro”
This software can be downloaded from our web site (
• Power saving function
Suppressing the power consumption reduces the carbon dioxide emissions. This product is equipped with power saving
0 W when the main power is off
Equipped with main power switch.
Turning off the main power switch completely shuts off power supply to the monitor while the monitor is not used.
• Displays HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Protection) protected contents.
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