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Chapter 7 Reference
This is used to adjust each color parameter for red, green and blue. An LCD monitor displays the color by
the light passing through the panel color Ilter. Red, green and blue are the three primary colors. All the
colors on the screen are displayed by combining these three colors. The color tone can be changed by
adjusting the light intensity (volume) passing through each color’s Ilter.
Generally, the relationship that the light intensity values of a monitor change nonlinearly to the input signal
level is called “Gamma Characteristic”. On the monitor, low gamma values display the whitish images and
high gamma values display the high contrast images.
HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
Digital signal coding system developed to copy-protect the digital contents, such as video, music, etc.
This helps to transmit the digital contents safely by coding the digital contents sent via the DV± or HDM±
connector on the output side and decoding them on the input side.
Any digital contents cannot be reproduced if both of the equipments on the output and input sides are not
applicable to HDCP system.
HDMI (High-De±nition Multimedia Interface)
HDM± is a digital interface standard, developed for consumer electrical appliance or AV device. This
standard is issued on the basis of the DV± standard which is one of an interface speciIcation for the
connection between a PC and a monitor.
The projected image, sound and control signal without compressed enable to be transmitted with one cable.
This technology enhances response speed by increasing the potential difference at the time of motion of
liquid-crystal pixels, and it is used for liquid-crystal TV sets and others in general. ±t provides clear-cut
three-dimensional display with little afterimage, by improving response speed of the intermediate graduation
range that frequently appears in moving images.
Digital broadcasting (HDTV) standards deIned by the ±TU-R (±nternational Telecommunication Union
Radio Communication Sector).
The LCD panel consists of numerous pixels of speciIed size, which are illuminated to form images. This
monitor consists of
horizontal 1920 pixels and 1200 vertical pixels. At a resolution of 1920 × 1200, all pixels
are illuminated as a full screen (1:1).
One of the standards provided by the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).
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