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Chapter 7 Reference
7-7. Glossary
This is a deInition of the practical RGB color space proposed by Adobe Systems in 1998. The color
reproduction range (color gamut) is broader than sRGB, and is highly adaptable to such Ields as printing etc.
The analog signal input monitor needs to reproduce a clock of the same frequency as the dot clock of the
graphics system in use, when the analog signal is converted to a digital signal for image display. This is
called clock adjustment. ±f the clock pulse is not set correctly, some vertical bars appear on the screen.
Color Space
YUV and RGB, etc. are available. YUV expresses the color by using the luminance (Y), the color difference
of Blue (U), and the color difference of Red (V). RGB does this by using the gradation of the 3 colors, Red
(R), Green (G), and Blue (B).
DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives)
The company was founded by an association of U.S. Ilm studios, and this company decides the
speciIcations for digital cinema.
This is a next-generation digital AV interface used to connect PCs and audio-visual devices to the monitor.
Both the video and sound signals can be transferred using one cable.
DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
DV± is a digital interface standard. DV± allows direct transmission of the PC’s digital data without loss.
This adopts the TMDS transmission system and DV± connectors. There are two types of DV± connectors.
One is a DV±-D connector for digital signal input only. The other is a DV±-± connector for both digital and
analog signal inputs.
DVI DMPM (DVI Digital Monitor Power Management)
DV± DMPM is a digital interface power saving function. The “Monitor ON (operating mode)” and “Active
Off (power saving mode)” are indispensable for DV± DMPM as the monitor’s power mode.
EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
The organization also includes broadcasting ofIces from Europe and North Africa, and it’s role is to decide
various technical standards etc.
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