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Chapter 6 Troubleshooting
6-4. Built-in calibration sensor and SelfCalibration
Possible cause and remedy
1. The built-in calibration sensor does not
come out/stays out.
• Turn off the main power, and then turn it on again a few
minutes later.
2. SelfCalibration cannot be executed.
• Check whether the date and time are set correctly (see
“Setting monitor date and time” (page 39)
• Check whether the mode is set (see
“Set the mode for
which SelfCalibration is executed.” (page 41)
• Check whether the calibration targets are set correctly (see
“Setting Adjustment Target” (page 42)
• Set the SelfCalibration target using ColorNavigator.
3. SelfCalibration failure
• Refer to the error code table. If an error code that does
not appear in the error code table is displayed, contact
your local EIZO representative.
Error Code Table
Error Code
• Execute SelfCalibration again.
• Adjust using ColorNavigator.
• The built-in calibration sensor may not have come out during calibration, or light may
have entered the sensor during measurement.
• Turn off the main power, wait for a few minutes before turning the power back on, and
then execute SelfCalibration again.
• Execute SelfCalibration again.
• The built-in calibration sensor may not have worked correctly.
• Check whether there is any foreign object near the built-in calibration sensor.
• Execute SelfCalibration again.
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