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Thank you very much for choosing an EIZO Color Monitor.
24" wide format LCD
Applicable to HDCP
Dual inputs compliant (DVI-I x 2)
DVI Digital input (TMDS ) compliant
[Horizontal scanning frequency]
Analog: 24 - 94kHz
Digital: 26 - 78 kHz
[Vertical scanning frequency]
Analog: 47.5 - 86Hz (1600x1200: 47.5 - 76Hz / 1920x1200: 47.5 - 61Hz)
Digital: 47.5 - 63Hz (VGA text: 69 - 71Hz)
[Resolution] 1920 dots x 1200 lines
Frame Synchronous mode supported (47.5 - 63Hz)
Support to sRGB standard
The Portrait/Landscape display capability
The provided "ColorNavigator CE" calibration software enables you to calibrate monitor
characteristics and generate ICC profiles (for Windows) and Apple ColorSync profiles (for
Macintosh) (refer to the EIZO LCD Utility Disk)
The provided software "UniColor Pro" enables to simulate the views experienced by people with
some sort of color deficiency is included (refer to the EIZO LCD Utility Disk)
Smoothing function incorporated for the adjustment of an enlarged image
FineContrast modes, to select the most suitable mode for screen display
Height adjustable stand
BrightRegulator function incorporate
Attaching the "Adjustment Certificate" to describe the grayscale and uniformity characteristics of
the monitor individually
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