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1. Introduction
1-². Utility Disk
An "EIZO LCD Utility Disk" (CD-ROM) is supplied with the monitor. The following table shows the
disk contents and the overview of the application software programs.
Disk contents and software overview
The disk includes software programs for adjustment and User’s Manual. Refer to "Readme.txt" or the
"read me" ±le on the disk for software startup procedures or ±le access procedures.
For Windows
For Macintosh
A “Readme.txt” or “read me” ±le
An application software for calibrating monitor
characteristics and generating ICC pro±les (for Windows)
and Apple ColorSync pro±les (for Macintosh).
(A PC must be connected to the monitor with the supplied
USB cable.) Refer to the descriotion later.
Screen Adjustment
Monitor pattern display software used when adjusting the
image of the analog input signal manually.
Screen adjustment
pattern ±les
Used when adjusting the image of the analog signal input
manually. If the Screen Adjustment Utility is not applicable
to your PC, use this pattern ±les to adjust the image.
User’s Manual (PDF ±le)
To use ColorNavigator
Refer to the corresponding User's Manual on the CD-ROM disk in order to install and use the software.
When using this software, you will need to connect a PC to the monitor with the supplied USB cable.
For more information refer to the "
2-2. Making Use of USB (Universal Serial Bus)
" (
page 10
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