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Notice for this Monitor
Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol, abrasive cleaners, or other strong solvents, as these may cause
damage to the cabinet or LCD panel.
[LCD Panel]
The LCD surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth, such as cotton or lens paper.
If necessary, stubborn stains can be removed by using the provided ScreenCleaner, or moistening
part of a cloth with water to enhance its cleaning power.
To remove stains, wipe the cabinet with a soft, lightly moistened cloth using a mild detergent. Do
not spray wax or cleaner directly into the cabinet. (For details, refer to the manual of the PC.)
To use the monitor comfortably
An excessively dark or bright screen may affect your eyes. Adjust the brightness of the monitor
according to the environmental conditions.
Staring at the monitor for a long time tires your eyes. Take a 10-minute rest every hour.
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