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5. Reference
´. Reference
´-1. Attaching an arm
The LCD monitor can be used with an arm by removing the tilt stand and attaching the arm stand to the
LCD monitor.
If you will use the arm or stand of other manufacturers, con±rm the followings to the manufacturers
before selecting.
Hole spacing on the arm mounting
100 mm x 100 mm (VESA compliant)
Supportable Weight: Total weight of the monitor (without stand) and attaching equipment such
as a cable
TÜV/GS approved arm or stand
Please connect cables after attaching an arm stand.
Setup Procedure
Lay the LCD monitor down. Do not scratch the panel.
Remove the tilt stand by loosening the screws.
Unscrew the four screws securing the unit and the satand with the screwdriver.
Attach an arm stand to the LCD monitor securely.
Secure the monitor to the arm or stand using the screws speci±ed in the user's manual of the arm
or stand.
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