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4. Troubleshooting
Possible cause and remedy
5. Vertical bars appear on the screen or a part of the image
is ²ickering.
Adjust using <Clock> (
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6. The characters and images have several vertical bars on
their right side.
Adjust the characters and images using the
<Signal Filter>.
7. Whole screen is ²ickering or blurring.
Adjust using <Phase> (
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8. Characters are blurred.
Adjust using <Smoothing> (
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9. Upper part of the screen is distorted as shown below.
This is caused when both composite sync (X-OR)
signal and separate vertical sync signal are input
simultaneously. Select either composite signal or
separate signal
10.The screen is too bright or too dark.
Adjust <Brightness>. (The LCD monitor backlight has a
±xed life span. When the screen becomes dark or begins
to ²icker, contact your local dealer.)
11.Afterimages appear.
Use a screen saver or off timer function for a long-time
image display.
Afterimages are particular to LCD monitors. Avoid
displaying the same image for a long time.
12.Green/red/blue/white dots or defective dots remain on
the screen.
This is due to LCD panel characteristics and is not a
13.Interference patterns or ±ngerprints remain on the
Leave the monitor with a white screen or a black screen.
The symptom may disappear.
14.Noise appears on the screen.
When entering the signals of analog input, select 1 to
4 in <Signal Filter> from the <Screen> menu to change
the mode.
When entering the signals of HDCP system, the normal
images may not be displayed immediately.
15.The <Smoothing> icon on the Adjustment menu
<Screen> cannot be selected.
Smoothing setting may not be required depending
on the display resolution. (You cannot choose the
smoothing icon.)
<Smoothing> is disabled when the screen is displayed
in the following resolutions.
1680 × 1050
Select [Normal] during <Screen Size>.
16.The Main menu of Adjustment menu does not start.
Check for Adjustment Lock function (
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17.The FineContrast mode is not displayed.
Check for Adjustment Lock function (
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