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4. Troubleshooting
If a problem still remains after applying the suggested remedies, contact your local dealer.
•No-picture problems : See No.1 - No.2
•Imaging problems : See No.3 - No.14
•Other problems : See No.15 - No.18
•USB problems : See No.19
Possible cause and remedy
1. No picture
Power indicator does not light.
Check whether the power cord is connected correctly. If
the problem persists, turn off the monitor, and then turn
it on again a few minutes later.
Power indicator is lighting blue.
Set each RGB adjusting value in <Gain> to higher level.
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Power indicator is lighting orange.
Switch the input signal with
Operate the mouse or keyboard.
Turn on the PC.
2. The message below appears.
This message appears when the signal is not input
correctly even when the monitor functions properly.
This message appears when no signal is input.
(This is displayed for about 40 seconds)
The message shown left may appear, because some
PCs do not output the signal soon after power-on.
Check whether the PC is turned on.
Check whether the signal cable is connected properly.
Switch the input signal with
The message below shows that the input signal is out of
the speci±ed frequency range. (Such signal frequency is
displayed in red.)
Check whether the signal setting of your PC matches
the resolution and the vertical frequency settings for the
monitor. (See “Compatible Resolutions/Frequencies” on
the cover back of the Setup Manual.)
Reboot the PC.
Select an appropriate display mode using the graphics
board’s utility. Refer to the manual of the graphics board
for details.
fD: Dot Clock
(Displayed only when the digital signal inputs)
fH: Horizontal Frequency
fV: Vertical Frequency
3. Display position is incorrect.
Adjust image position so that it is displayed properly
within the display area using the <Position> adjustment
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If the problem persists, use the graphics board’s utility if
available to change the display position.
4. Screen image displayed is smaller or larger than the
actual screen image.
Adjust the resolution using <Resolution> so that the
input signal resolution equals the resolution in the
resolution adjustment menu (
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