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How to assemble your monitor hardware
How to detach the stand base
Prepare the monitor and area.
Turn off the monitor and the power before unplugging the
power cable. Turn off the computer before unplugging the
monitor signal cable.
Please be careful to prevent damage to the monitor.
Placing the screen surface on an object like a stapler or a
mouse will crack the glass or damage the LCD substrate
voiding your warranty. Sliding or scraping the monitor
around on your desk will scratch or damage the monitor
surround and controls.
Protect the monitor and screen by clearing a flat open area
on your desk and placing a soft item like a towel on the
desk for padding, before laying the screen face down on a
flat clean padded surface.
Release the locking clip on one side of the stand base
while pulling the edge of the base away from the
stand arm.
Release the other locking clip to detach the stand
base from the monitor stand arm.
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