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Warranty Statement for Europe
AOC Color Monitors sold within Europe
AOC International (Europe) GmbH warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a
period of Three (3) years after the original date of consumer purchase. During this period, AOC International
(Europe) GmbH will, at its option, either repair the defective product with new or rebuilt parts, or replace it with a
new or rebuilt product at no charge except as *stated below. The defective products that are replaced become the
property of AOC International (Europe) GmbH.
If the product appears to be defective, please contact your local dealer or refer to the warranty card when attached
to the product.
Deliver the product freight pre-paid, along with the dated proof of purchase, to the AOC Authorized Service Center.
If you cannot deliver the product in person:
Pack it in its original shipping container (or equivalent)
Put the RMA number on the address label
Put the RMA number on the shipping carton
Insure it (or assume the risk of loss/damage during shipment)
Pay all shipping charges
AOC International (Europe) GmbH is responsible neither for any damage or loss during inbound transport damage
nor to inbound product that was not properly packaged.
AOC International (Europe) GmbH will pay the return shipping charges within one of the countries specified within
this warranty statement. AOC International (Europe) GmbH is not responsible for any costs associated with the
transportation of product across international borders. This includes the international border within the European
* This limited warranty does not cover any losses or damages that occur as a result of
Shipping or improper installation or maintenance
Any cause other than ordinary commercial or industrial application
Adjustment by non-authorized source
Repair, modification, or installation of options or parts by anyone other than an AOC Authorized Service Center
Improper environment
Excessive or inadequate heating or air conditioning or electrical powers failures, surges, or other irregularities
This limited warranty does not cover any of the product firmware or hardware that you or any third party have
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