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Cooking safely with microwaves
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When preparing ready-to-serve food (like TV dinners) always carefully follow the
instructions provided by the food manufacturer on the package and also the
tips and
contained at the end of this manual.
are high frequency electromagnetic waves like radio
waves. They create heat by causing the molecules in water, fat and
sugar to vibrate. They only penetrate a certain depth (e.g. approx.
25 mm into meat) and this heat is then conducted to the rest of the
item being cooked.
must be suitable for use in a
microwave oven.
For example, dishes made of temperature resistant glass, ceramics,
porcelain and plastic (in the case of combination cooking it should
also be fireproof).
Never place closed metal containers into your microwave oven -
the microwaves are reflected and the food will not get warm.
In the case of TV dinners the food can be left in the aluminium tray
with the top removed.
Microwaves can damage any crockery with
gold or silver
place food in the oven in closed containers - the container
could explode.
Food with a
skin or peel
can explode. Never place eggs in a
microwave. When cooking
items such as potatoes, chicken livers
etc., puncture the skin using e.g. a fork to allow steam to escape.
Never heat
(alcoholic drinks) to high temperatures; they may
When heating
small amounts of liquid
(e.g. a cup of tea/coffee),
place a spoon in the cup to prevent boiling over.
Food which has been
cooked with a microwave
continues to cook
after the oven is switched off.
Before allowing others, in particular children or older people, to eat
food or drinks from the microwave oven check that the temperature
of the food is acceptable (danger of burning/scalding).
Help the heat to spread uniformly by
stirring and turning
in particular after only short heating periods.
Never turn the microwave oven on
without food
in the chamber -
it might overload and get damaged.
Metal items
, e.g. dishes, should not touch the walls of the oven,
this can cause sparking and could cause a fire.
Eggs in their shell and whole hard-boiled eggs shall not be heated in
microwave ovens since they may explode.
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