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Using a microwave oven safely
The right place for your microwave oven
When you unpack your microwave oven from its box, please check it immediately for
damage. If the door is damaged or bent, if there are dents inside the oven etc., get in
touch with your retail outlet immediately.
If the door or door seals are damaged, the oven must
not be operated until it has been repaired by a trained person.
It is hazardous for anyone other than a trained person
to carry out any service or repair operation which involves the
removal of any cover which gives protection against exposure to
microwave energy.
Liquids or other foods must not be heated in sealed
containers since they are liable to explode.
Only allow children to use the oven without
supervision when adequate instructions have been given so that the
child is able to use the oven in a safe way and understands the
hazards of improper use.
This microwave oven contains no user-serviceable components. Any
adjustments or repairs must be performed by a qualified technician.
Never use the oven with the door open. There is the risk of being
exposed to dangerous microwave energy. Never manipulate or
tamper with the safety locks and the hinges of the door.
Keep the seals and seal surfaces clean and free of contamination
like food remains and cleaner residue.
Microwave heating of beverages can result in delayed eruptive
boiling, therefore care has to be taken when handling the container.
Use the microwave oven for cooking purposes only.
Do not use it to dry animals, clothing, paper or other objects or for
sterilisation or as a storage space for books, cooking utensils etc.
Utensils should be checked to ensure that they are suitable for use
in microwave ovens.
When heating food in plastic or paper containers, check the oven
frequently due to the possibility of ignition.
If smoke is observed, switch off or unplug the appliance and keep
the door closed in order to stifle any flames.
The microwave oven can be used as ‘free standing’ or ‘built in’. For ‘built
in’, please refer to Daewoo Ltd for fitting instructions and Trim Kit.
The area immediately around the oven should be free to allow the
circulation of fresh air for cooling.
Do not place the microwave oven near a radio or television set etc.
This might cause interference.
Never place the oven where it is exposed to convection, steam or
The minimum height of free space necessary above top surface of
the oven is 150mm.
When heating liquids, e.g. soups,
sauces and beverages in your
microwave oven, overheating the
liquid beyond boiling point can
occur without evidence of
This could result in a sudden boil
over of the hot liquid.
To prevent this possibility the
following steps should be taken:
Avoid using straight sided
containers with narrow necks.
Do not overheat.
Stir the liquid before placing
the container in the oven and
again halfway through the
heating time.
After heating, allow to stand
in the oven for a short time,
stir or shake them again
carefully and check the
temperature of them before
consumption to avoid burns
(especially, contents of
feeding bottles and baby food
If you see arcing, press
STOP/CLEAR button and correct
the problem.
Arcing is the microwave term for
sparks in the oven.
Arcing is caused by:
• Metal or foil touching the side
of the oven.
• Foil not molded to food
(upturned edges act like
• Metal, such as twist-ties,
poultry pins, or gold rimmed
dishes, in the microwave.
• Recycled paper towels
containing small metal pieces
being used in the microwave.
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