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Microwave suitable dishes and utensils
Care and maintenance
Microwave suitable dishes
are transparent to microwaves (i.e. made of such materials as plastic,
glass and ceramics), especially when also fireproof. Suitable dishes only become slightly warm after
one minute microwave cooking at high power.
Dishes unsuitable for microwave
ovens are all metal dishes which reflect microwaves. Also
unsuitable for microwaves are dishes made of lead glass, dishes with metal applications (gold edged),
paper or plastic containers which cannot withstand high temperatures (120° C).
If in doubt, check for information such as "microwave suitable".
Bear in mind that this appliance is not only a microwave unit.
Any dishes must also be fireproof when used with the grill or convection.
Dishes, foils and covers should never be allowed to touch the walls of the oven
Best cooking results are achieved if not only the material but also the
shape of the dish
is suitable.
Round dishes promote more even heating, whereas in square or rectangular dishes the food can easily
dry out or char in the corners.
Food in flat dishes will cook more evenly.
Small pieces of aluminium foil are good for covering any vulnerable sections (e.g. the thin flat tail end
of a fish).
Although this microwave oven is fitted with state-of-the-art safety arrangements ...
never manipulate or tamper with the door locks or hinges,
make sure the seals and seal surfaces are free of contamination e.g. food remains or cleaner
Clean the oven – especially the seal areas of the door – with a mild cleaning agent.
Do not use any abrasive agents or abrasive pads.
Make sure the oven door is not mistreated (e.g. that children don't swing on it). Do not use the oven
if it is damaged.
It is especially important that the door closes properly. The door must have no distortions, the hinges
and locks must not be broken, bent or loose and the seal surfaces must not be corroded.
Only allow children to use the oven without supervision when adequate instructions have been given
so that the child is able to use the oven in a safe way and understands the hazards of improper use.
The contents of feeding bottles and baby food Jars are to be stirred or shaken and the temperature
is to be checked before consumption, in order to avoid burns;
Power Supply
Check your local power source. This oven requires a current of approximately 13 amperes, 230V,
50Hz. (alternate heating model : 9 amperes)
Power supply cord is ablut 1.2 meter long.
The voltage used must be the same as specified on this oven. Using a higher voltage may result in a
fire or other accident causing oven damage. Using low voltage will cause slow cooking. We are not
responsible for damage resulting from use of this oven with a voltage of ampere fuse other than
those specified.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or
similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
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