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Q: I accidentally ran my microwave oven without any
food in it. is it damaged?
A: We do not recommend to operating the microwave oven
without any food. However, running the oven empty for a
SHORT time will not damage the oven.
Q: Can I open the door when the oven is operating?
A: The door can be opened anytime durng the oven
operation. Microwave energy will be instantly switched off
and the time setting will maintain until the door is closed.
Q: Does microwave energy pass through the viewing
screen in the door?
A: No. The metal screen bounces back the energy to the oven
cavity. The holes are made to allow light to pass through.
They do not let microwave energy pass through.
Q: My microwave oven causes interference with my TV.
is this normal?
A: Some radio and TV interference might occur when you
cook with the microwave oven. This interference is similar
to the interference caused by small appliances such as
mixers, vacuums, blow dryers, etc. It does not indicate a
problem with your oven.
Q: How can we know whether the oven is operating or
A: Oven is operating only when the door is closed.
After the end of oven cooking, the cooling fan will run for
two minutes.
Q: Why does my oven light dim?
A: When cooking at reduced power level, the oven must
cycle to obtain the selected power levels. The oven light,
dims and clicking noises can be heard when the oven
Q: When is the oven light on and off?
A: The oven light is on during the cooking time and when the
door is opened.
Q: Why does steam accumulate on the oven door?
A: During cooking, steam is given off from the food. Most of
the steam is removed from the oven by the air which
circulates in the oven cavity.
However, some steam will condense on cooler surfaces
such as the oven door. This is normal.
Q: Sometimes warm air comes from the oven vents.
A: The heat given off from the cooking food warms the air in
the oven cavity. This warmed air is carried out of the oven
by the air flow pattern in the oven. There are no
microwave in the air. The oven vents should never be
blocked during cooking.
Q: Why does the smoke come out of the exhaust vent at
the back of oven?
A: It is normal for smoke to come out of the vents during
cooking. Smoke may be produced when food is
Power supply
Power consumption
Output power
Grill power consumption
Convection power consumption
Combination heating power consumption
Outside Dimension(WXDXH)
Cavity Dimensions(WXDXH)
Net Weight
Select function
Microwave power level
240V~, 50Hz
1000W (IEC 705)
560(22.0)X542(21.3)X344(13.5)mm (inch)
368.5(14.5)X376.5(14.8)X246(9.7)mm (inch)
Approx. 21.5Kg (47.6 lbs)
60 minutes
Microwave / Grill / Convection / Combination
10 stages
* Microwave oven is a Group 2 ISM equipment in which radio-frequency energy is intentionally generated and used in the form
of electromagnetic radiation for the treatment of material. This oven is a Class B equipment suitable for use in domestic
establishments and in establishments directly connected to a low voltage power supply network which supplies buildings used
for domestic purposes.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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