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Input power
The power information in this section may be helpful if you plan to travel internationally with the computer.
The computer operates on DC power, which can be supplied by an AC or a DC power source. The AC power
source must be rated at 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz. Although the computer can be powered from a standalone DC
power source, it should be powered only with an AC adapter or a DC power source that is supplied and
approved by HP for use with this computer.
The computer can operate on DC power within the following specifications. Operating voltage and current
varies by platform. The voltage and current for your computer is located on the regulatory label.
Input power
Operating voltage and current
19.5 V dc @ 2.31 A – 45 W
19.5 V dc @ 3.33 A – 65 W
19.5 V dc @ 4.62 A – 90 W
19.5 V dc @ 6.15 A – 120 W
19.5 V dc @ 7.69 A – 150 W
DC plug of external HP power supply
This product is designed for IT power systems in Norway with phase-to-phase voltage not exceeding
240 V rms.
Input power