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Resolving a low battery level
Resolving a low battery level when external power is available
Connect one of the following to the computer and to external power:
AC adapter
Optional docking or expansion device
Optional power adapter purchased as an accessory from HP
Resolving a low battery level when no power source is available
Save your work and shut down the computer.
Resolving a low battery level when the computer cannot exit Hibernation
Connect the AC adapter to the computer and to external power.
Exit Hibernation by pressing the power button.
Running on AC power
For information about connecting to AC power, refer to the
Setup Instructions
poster provided in the
computer box.
The computer does not use battery power when the computer is connected to AC power with an approved AC
adapter or an optional docking/expansion device.
To reduce potential safety issues, use only the AC adapter provided with the computer, a
replacement AC adapter provided by HP, or a compatible AC adapter purchased from HP.
Connect the computer to AC power under any of the following conditions:
Do not charge the computer battery while you are aboard aircraft.
When charging or calibrating a battery
When installing or modifying system software
When writing information to a disc (select products only)
When running Disk Defragmenter on computers with internal hard drives
When performing a backup or recovery
When you connect the computer to AC power:
The battery begins to charge.
The screen brightness increases.
The power meter icon
changes appearance.
When you disconnect AC power:
Running on AC power