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The labels affixed to the computer provide information you may need when you troubleshoot system
problems or travel internationally with the computer. The labels are in easily accessible locations.
Service label—Provides important information, including the following:
Your label may look slightly different from the illustration in this section.
Product name
Serial number
Product number
Warranty period
Model description (select models only)
Have this information available when you contact support. The service label is located inside the
battery bay of your computer.
Regulatory label—Provides regulatory information about the computer. The regulatory label is
located inside the battery bay.
Wireless certification label or labels—Provide information about wireless devices and the
approval markings of some of the countries or regions in which the devices have been approved
for use. Your computer model includes one or more wireless devices; one or more certification
labels are included with your computer. You may need this information when traveling
internationally. Wireless certification labels are located inside the battery bay.
Chapter 2
Getting to know your computer