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Hybrid Graphics and AMD Dual Graphics (select models only)
Select computers are equipped with either the Hybrid Graphics feature or the AMD Dual Graphics
To determine whether Hybrid Graphics or AMD Dual Graphics is installed on your computer,
see your notebook graphics processor configuration and software Help.
Both Hybrid Graphics and AMD Dual Graphics offer two modes for processing graphics:
High Performance mode—Applications assigned to this mode run on the higher-performance
graphics processing unit (GPU) for optimal performance.
Power Saving mode—Applications assigned to this mode run on the lower-performance GPU to
conserve battery power.
Using Hybrid Graphics (select models only)
The Hybrid Graphics feature allows an application to run in either High Performance mode or Power
Saving mode, based on the application’s graphics-processing demands. Typically, 3D and gaming
applications run on the higher-performance GPU, and applications with lightweight graphics-
processing demands run on the lower-performance GPU. You can change the mode an application
uses (High Performance or Power Saving) through the Hybrid Graphics control panel.
Due to hardware limitations, some applications can be run in only one of the two modes.
For more information, see your Hybrid Graphics software Help.
Using AMD Dual Graphics (select models only)
The AMD Dual Graphics feature allows the AMD accelerated processing unit (APU) and the discrete
AMD graphics card to work together. When AMD Dual Graphics is enabled, graphics performance
improves over the performance available using only one of the graphics devices. This improvement
applies to DirectX versions 10 or 11 (DX10 and DX11) applications operating in full-screen mode. In
windowed mode or when running non-DX10/11 applications, the system operates in a manner similar
to Hybrid Graphics.
For more information, see the AMD Dual Graphics software Help.
Hybrid Graphics and AMD Dual Graphics (select models only)