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Using passwords
A password is a group of characters that you choose to secure your computer information. Several types of
passwords can be set, depending on how you want to control access to your information. Passwords can be
set in Windows or in Computer Setup, which is preinstalled on the computer.
BIOS Administrator and DriveLock passwords are set in Computer Setup and are managed by the system
Windows passwords are set only in the Windows operating system.
If you forget both the DriveLock user password and the DriveLock master password set in Computer
Setup, the hard drive that is protected by the passwords is permanently locked and can no longer be
You can use the same password for a Computer Setup feature and for a Windows security feature. You can
also use the same password for more than one Computer Setup feature.
Use the following tips for creating and saving passwords:
When creating passwords, follow requirements set by the program.
Do not use the same password for multiple applications or websites, and do not reuse your Windows
password for any other application or website.
Use the Password Manager feature of HP Client Security to store your user names and passwords for
your websites and applications. You can securely read them in the future if they cannot be remembered.
Do not store passwords in a
on the computer.
The following tables list commonly used Windows and BIOS Administrator passwords and describe their
Setting passwords in Windows
Administrator password*
Protects access to a Windows administrator-level account.
Setting the Windows administrator password does not
set the BIOS Administrator password.
User password*
Protects access to a Windows user account.
*For information about setting a Windows administrator password or a Windows user password, select
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