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Decrease screen brightness.
Before you leave your work, initiate Sleep, or shut down the computer.
Disposing of a battery
When a battery has reached the end of its useful life, do not dispose of the battery in general household
waste. Follow the local laws and regulations in your area for battery disposal.
Replacing a battery
The battery(ies) in this product cannot be easily replaced by users themselves. Removing or replacing the
battery could
your warranty coverage. If a battery is no longer holding a charge, contact support.
Using external AC power
Do not charge the computer battery while you are onboard aircraft.
To reduce potential safety issues, use only the AC adapter provided with the computer, a
replacement AC adapter provided by HP, or a compatible AC adapter purchased from HP.
For information on connecting to AC power, see the
Setup Instructions
poster provided in the
computer box.
External AC power is supplied through an approved AC adapter or an optional docking or expansion device.
Connect the computer to external AC power under any of the following conditions:
When charging or calibrating a battery
When installing or modifying system software
When writing information to a CD, a DVD, or a BD (select products only)
When running Disk Defragmenter
When performing a backup or recovery
When you connect the computer to external AC power, the following events occur:
The battery begins to charge.
If the computer is turned on, the power meter icon in the
area changes appearance.
When you disconnect external AC power, the following events occur:
The computer switches to battery power.
The display brightness is automatically decreased to save battery life.
Testing an AC adapter
Test the AC adapter if the computer exhibits any of the following symptoms when it is connected to AC power:
The computer does not turn on.
The display does not turn on.
The power lights are
To test the AC adapter:
Setting power options