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Displaying the remaining battery charge
Move the pointer over the power meter icon on the Windows desktop in the
area, at the far
right of the taskbar.
Maximizing battery discharge time
Battery discharge time varies depending on features you use while on battery power. Maximum discharge
time gradually decreases as the battery storage capacity naturally degrades.
Tips for maximizing battery discharge time:
Lower the brightness on the display.
Select the
Power saver
setting in Power Options.
Managing low battery levels
The information in this section describes the alerts and system responses set at the factory. Some low-
battery alerts and system responses can be changed using Power Options. Preferences set using Power
Options do not
Identifying low battery levels
When a battery that is the sole power source for the computer reaches a low or critical battery level, the
following behavior occurs:
The battery light (select products only) indicates a low or critical battery level.
– or –
The power meter icon in the
area shows a low or critical battery
If the computer is on or in the Sleep state, the computer remains
in the Sleep state, and then shuts
down and loses any unsaved information.
Resolving a low battery level
Resolving a low battery level when external power is available
Connect one of the following devices:
AC adapter
Optional docking or expansion device
Optional power adapter purchased as an accessory from HP
Resolving a low battery level when no power source is available
To resolve a low battery level when no power source is available, save your work and shut down the
Conserving battery power
Select low power-use settings through Power Options in Windows Control Panel.
wireless and LAN connections and exit modem applications when you are not using them.
Disconnect unused external devices that are not plugged into an external power source.
Stop, disable, or remove any external memory cards that you are not using.
Chapter 6
Power management