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HP Connection Manager (select products only)
HP Connection Manager provides a central location for managing your wireless devices, an interface for
connecting to the Internet using HP Mobile Broadband, and an interface for sending and receiving SMS (text)
messages. HP Connection Manager allows you to manage the following devices:
Wireless local area network (WLAN)/Wi-Fi
Wireless wide area network (WWAN)/HP Mobile Broadband
HP Connection Manager provides information and
on connection status, power status, SIM card
details, and SMS messages. Status information and
are provided in the
area, at the
far right of the taskbar.
To open HP Connection Manager:
Click the
HP Connection Manager
icon in the taskbar.
All Programs
Productivity and Tools
HP Connection Manager
For more information, see the HP Connection Manager software Help.
Wireless button
The computer may have a wireless button, one or more wireless devices, and one or two wireless lights. All
the wireless devices on your computer are enabled at the factory.
The wireless light indicates the overall power state of your wireless devices, not the status of individual
Operating system controls
The Network and Sharing Center allows you to set up a connection or network, connect to a network, manage
wireless networks, and diagnose and repair network problems.
To use operating system controls:
Control Panel
Network and Internet
Network and Sharing Center
For more information, access Help and Support by selecting
Help and Support
Connecting to a WLAN
When you are setting up Internet access in your home, you must establish an account with an
Internet service provider (ISP). To purchase Internet service and a modem, contact a local ISP. The ISP will
help set up the modem, install a network cable to connect your wireless computer to the modem, and test the
Internet service
To connect to the WLAN, follow these steps:
Be sure that the WLAN device is on.
Click the network status icon in the
area, at the far right of the taskbar.
Select a WLAN to connect to.
Chapter 3
Connecting to a network