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Entertainment features
Use your HP computer for business or pleasure to meet with others via the webcam, mix audio and video, or
connect external devices like a projector, monitor, TV, or speakers. See
Components for the HP 250 Series
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Components for the HP 240 Series Notebook
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to locate the audio, video and
camera features on your computer.
Using a webcam (select products only)
Your computer has a webcam (integrated camera) that records video and captures photographs. Some
models allow you to video conference and chat online using streaming video.
To access the camera, select
All Programs
Communication and Chat
CyberLink YouCam
Using audio
You can download and listen to music, stream audio content (including radio) from the web, record audio, or
mix audio and video to create multimedia. You can also play music CDs on the computer (on select products)
or attach an external optical drive to play CDs. To enhance your listening enjoyment, attach headphones or
Connecting speakers
You can attach wired speakers to your computer by connecting them to a USB port or to the audio-out
(headphone)/audio-in (microphone) combo jack on your computer or on a docking station.
To connect wireless speakers to your computer, follow the device manufacturer's instructions. To connect
speakers to the computer, see
Setting up HDMI audio
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. Before connecting
speakers, lower the volume setting.
Connecting headsets
To reduce the risk of personal injury, lower the volume setting before putting on headphones,
earbuds, or a headset. For additional safety information, see the
Regulatory, Safety and Environmental
To access this document:
All Programs
HP Help and Support
HP Documentation
Headphones combined with a microphone are called headsets. You can connect wired headsets to the audio-
out (headphone)/audio-in (microphone) combo jack on your computer.
To connect wireless headsets to your computer, follow the device manufacturer's instructions.
Using sound settings
Use sound settings to adjust system volume, change system sounds, or manage audio devices.
To view or change sound settings:
Control Panel
Hardware and Sound
, and then select
or your audio software.
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Entertainment features