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Starting right
This computer is a powerful tool designed to enhance your work and entertainment. To get the most
out of your computer, read this chapter to learn about best practices after setup, fun things to do with
your computer, and where to go to get more HP resources.
Best practices
To get the most out of your smart investment, after you set up and register the computer, we
recommend the following steps:
Take a minute to browse the
Windows 8 Basics
guide to explore your new Windows® features.
To quickly return to the computer Start screen from an open app or the Desktop, press the
Windows logo key
on your keyboard. Pressing the Windows logo key again will return
you to the previous screen.
If you haven’t already done so, connect to a wired or wireless network. See details in
to a network
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Become familiar with the computer hardware and software. Go to
Getting to know your computer
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Enjoying entertainment features
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for information.
Update or purchase antivirus software. Learn more at
Using antivirus software
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Back up your hard drive by creating recovery discs or a recovery flash drive. See
Backing up,
restoring, and recovering
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Fun things to do
You know you can watch a YouTube video on the computer. But did you know that you can also
connect your computer to a TV and watch the video on TV? For more information, see
Connecting an HDMI TV or monitor
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You know you can listen to music on the computer. But did you know that you can also stream
live radio to the computer and listen to music or talk radio from all over the world? See
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You know you can create a powerful presentation with Microsoft applications. But did you know
you can also connect to a projector to share your ideas with a group? See
Connecting a VGA
monitor or projector
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Best practices