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Using Internet security software
When you use your computer to access email, a network, or the Internet, you potentially expose your
computer to computer viruses, spyware, and other online threats. To help protect your computer,
Internet security software that includes antivirus and firewall features may be preinstalled on your
computer as a trial offer. To provide ongoing protection against newly discovered viruses and other
security risks, security software must be kept up to date. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade
the security software trial offer or purchase the software of your choice in order to fully protect your
Using antivirus software
Computer viruses can disable programs, utilities, or the operating system, or cause them to function
abnormally. Antivirus software can detect most viruses, destroy them, and in most cases, repair any
damage they have caused.
For more information about computer viruses, from the Start screen, type
, and then select
and Support
from the list of apps.
Using firewall software
Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to a system or network. A firewall can be
software you install on your computer and/or network, or it can be a combination of both hardware
and software.
There are two types of firewalls to consider:
Host-based firewalls—Software that protects only the computer it is installed on.
Network-based firewalls—Installed between your DSL or cable modem and your home network
to protect all the computers on the network.
When a firewall is installed on a system, all data sent to and from the system is monitored and
compared with a set of user-defined security criteria. Any data that does not meet those criteria is
Installing software updates
HP, Microsoft Windows, and third-party software installed on your computer should be regularly
updated to correct security problems and improve software performance. For more information, see
Updating programs and drivers
on page
Installing Windows updates
Updates to the operating system and other software may have become available after the computer
left the factory. Microsoft sends out alerts regarding critical updates. To protect the computer from
security breaches and computer viruses, install all critical updates from Microsoft as soon as you
receive an alert.
Using Internet security software