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To use operating system controls:
From the Start screen, type
network and sharing
, and then select
Network and Sharing Center
from the options displayed.
For more information, see Help and Support. To access Help and Support, from the Start screen,
, and then select
Help and Support
from the list of apps.
Using a WLAN
With a WLAN device, you can access a wireless local area network (WLAN), which is composed of
other computers and accessories that are linked by a wireless router or a wireless access point.
The terms
wireless router
wireless access point
are often used interchangeably.
A large-scale WLAN, such as a corporate or public WLAN, typically uses wireless access points
that can accommodate a large number of computers and accessories and can separate critical
network functions.
A home or small office WLAN typically uses a wireless router, which allows several wireless and
wired computers to share an Internet connection, a printer, and files without requiring additional
pieces of hardware or software.
To use the WLAN device in your computer, you must connect to a WLAN infrastructure (provided
through a service provider or a public or corporate network).
Using an Internet service provider
When you are setting up Internet access in your home, you must establish an account with an
Internet service provider (ISP). To purchase Internet service and a modem, contact a local ISP. The
ISP will help set up the modem, install a network cable to connect your wireless router to the modem,
and test the Internet service.
Your ISP will give you a user ID and a password to use for Internet access. Record this
information and store it in a safe place.
Connecting to a wireless network