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Maintaining your computer
It is important to perform regular maintenance to keep your computer in optimal condition by using
tools like Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup. This chapter also includes ways to update programs
and drivers, steps to clean the computer, and tips for traveling with (or shipping) the computer.
Improving performance
You can improve the performance of your computer by performing regular maintenance tasks with
tools such as Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup.
Using Disk Defragmenter
As you use your computer over time, the files on the hard drive become fragmented. A fragmented
drive means data on your drive is not contiguous (sequential) and, because of this, the hard drive
works harder to locate files, thus slowing down the computer. Disk Defragmenter consolidates (or
physically reorganizes) the fragmented files and folders on the hard drive so that the system can run
more efficiently.
It is not necessary to run Disk Defragmenter on solid-state drives.
After you start Disk Defragmenter, it works without supervision. However, depending on the size of
your hard drive and the number of fragmented files, Disk Defragmenter may take more than an hour
to complete.
HP recommends defragmenting your hard drive at least once a month. You may set Disk
Defragmenter to run on a monthly schedule, but you can defragment your computer manually at any
To run Disk Defragmenter:
Connect the computer to AC power.
From the Start screen, type
Follow the on-screen instructions.
For additional information, access the Disk Defragmenter software Help.
Using Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup searches the hard drive for unnecessary files that you can safely delete to free up disk
space and help the computer run more efficiently.
To run Disk Cleanup:
From the Start screen, select
, and then select
Manage your apps to free up disk space
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Adding or replacing memory modules
Adding memory can help improve your computer's performance. Your computer is like your physical
work area. The hard drive is the filing cabinet where you store your work and the memory is the desk
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Maintaining your computer