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Using the power meter and power settings
The power meter is located on the Windows desktop. The power meter allows you to quickly access
power settings and view the remaining battery charge.
To reveal the percentage of remaining battery charge and the current power plan, on the
Windows desktop, point over the power meter icon.
To use Power Options, click the power meter icon and select an item from the list. From the
Start screen, you can also type
power options
, and then select
Power Options
Different power meter icons indicate whether the computer is running on battery or external power.
The icon also reveals a message if the battery has reached a low or critical battery level.
Running on battery power
When a charged battery is in the computer and the computer is not plugged into external power, the
computer runs on battery power. The battery in the computer slowly discharges when the computer is
off and unplugged from external power.
Computer battery life varies, depending on power management settings, programs running on the
computer, screen brightness, external devices connected to the computer, and other factors.
User-replaceable battery
To reduce potential safety issues, use only the user-replaceable battery provided with
the computer, a replacement battery provided by HP, or a compatible battery purchased from HP.
Removing a user-replaceable battery that is the sole power source for the computer can
cause loss of information. To prevent loss of information, save your work or shut down the computer
through Windows before removing the battery.
Turn the computer upside down on a flat surface.
Slide the battery lock
and the battery release latch
to release the battery.
The battery release latch automatically returns to its original position.
Remove the battery from the battery bay
Using the power meter and power settings