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Top-edge swipe and bottom-edge swipe
The top-edge swipe or bottom-edge swipe displays app command options that allow you to customize
When an app is open, the top-edge gesture varies depending on the app.
Gently swipe your finger from the top edge or the bottom edge to reveal the app command
Using the keyboard and mouse
The keyboard and mouse allow you to type, select items, scroll and to perform the same functions as
you do using touch gestures. The keyboard also allows you to use action keys and hot keys to
perform specific functions.
The Windows key
on the keyboard allows you to quickly return to the Start screen from
an open app or the Windows desktop. Pressing the Windows key again will return you to the previous
Depending on the country or region, your keyboard may have different keys and keyboard
functions than those discussed in this section.
Using the keys
You can quickly access information or perform functions by using certain keys and key combinations.
Using the action keys
An action key performs an assigned function. The icon on each of the function keys illustrates the
assigned function for that key.
To use an action key function, press and hold the key.
Use extreme care when making changes in Setup Utility (BIOS). Errors can prevent the
computer from operating properly.
Chapter 5
Navigating the screen