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Switch between open apps
The left-edge swipe accesses your recently opened apps so that you can switch between them
Swipe your finger gently from the left edge of the TouchPad.
Using touch screen gestures (select models only)
A touch screen computer allows you to control items on the screen directly with your fingers.
On touch screen computers, you can perform the gestures on the screen or on the TouchPad.
You can also perform on-screen actions with the keyboard and mouse.
One-finger slide
The one-finger slide is mostly used to pan or scroll through lists and pages, but you can use it for
other interactions, too, such as moving an object.
To scroll across the screen, lightly slide one finger across the screen in the direction you want to
When many apps are displayed on the Start screen, you can slide your finger to move
the screen left or right.
To drag, press and hold an object, and then drag the object to move it.
Using touch screen gestures (select models only)