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Audio devices (headset, speakers)
Bluetooth devices provide peer-to-peer capability that allows you to set up a PAN of Bluetooth
devices. For information about configuring and using Bluetooth devices, see the Bluetooth software
Connecting to a wired network
Connecting to a local area network (LAN)
Use a LAN connection if you want to connect the computer directly to a router in your home (instead
of working wirelessly), or if you want to connect to an existing network at your office.
Connecting to a LAN requires an 8-pin, RJ-45 (network) cable.
To connect the network cable, follow these steps:
Plug the network cable into the network jack
on the computer.
Plug the other end of the network cable into a network wall jack
or router.
If the network cable contains noise suppression circuitry
, which prevents
interference from TV and radio reception, orient the circuitry end of the cable toward the
Chapter 3
Connecting to a network