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Left side
Power connector
Connects an AC adapter.
AC adapter light
On: The AC adapter is connected and the battery is
Off: The computer is using battery power.
Security cable slot
Attaches an optional security cable to the computer.
The security cable is designed to act as a
deterrent, but it may not prevent the computer from being
mishandled or stolen.
RJ-45 (network) jack/status lights
Connects a network cable.
White: The network is connected.
Amber: Activity is occurring on the network.
Enable airflow to cool internal components.
The computer fan starts up automatically to cool
internal components and prevent overheating. It is normal
for the internal fan to cycle on and off during routine
HDMI port
Connects an optional video or audio device, such as a
high-definition television, any compatible digital or audio
component, or a high-speed HDMI device.
USB 3.0 ports
Connect optional USB devices, such as a keyboard,
mouse, external drive, printer, scanner or USB hub.
Memory card reader
Reads optional memory cards that store, manage, share,
or access information.
To insert a card:
Hold the card label-side up, with connectors facing
the slot, insert the card into the slot, and then push in
on the card until it is firmly seated.
To remove a card:
Press in on the card until it pops out.
Left side