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To use the Factory ¹eset option (select products only), you must use HP ¹ecovery media. If you have not
already created recovery media, see
Creating HP ¹ecovery media (select products only)
on page
If your computer does not allow the creation of HP ¹ecovery media or if the HP ¹ecovery media does not
work, you can obtain recovery media for your system from support. You can ƬQ¶ contact information
from the HP website. Go to
, select your country or region, and follow the
on-screen instructions.
HP ¹ecovery Manager does not automatically provide backups of your personal data. Before
beginning recovery, back up any personal data you want to retain.
Using HP ¹ecovery media, you can choose from one of the following recovery options:
Only the options available for your computer display when you start the recovery process.
System ¹ecovery—¹einstalls the original operating system, and then ¸RQƬJX´·Ë the settings for the
programs that were installed at the factory.
Factory ¹eset—¹estores the computer to its original factory state by deleting all information from the
hard drive and re-creating the partitions. Then it reinstalls the operating system and the software that
was installed at the factory.
The HP ¹ecovery partition (select products only) allows System ¹ecovery only.
·sing the ¸P Recovery partition (select products only)
The HP ¹ecovery partition allows you to perform a system recovery without the need for recovery discs or a
recovery USB Ʈ±Ë½ drive. This type of recovery can be used only if the hard drive is still working.
To start HP ¹ecovery Manager from the HP ¹ecovery partition:
For a tablet with a detachable keyboard, connect the tablet to the keyboard base before
beginning these steps (select products only).
in the taskbar search box, select
¸P Recovery Manager
, and then select
Recovery Environment
‒ or –
For computers or tablets with keyboards attached, press
while the computer boots, or press and
as you press the power button.
For tablets without keyboards:
Turn on or restart the tablet, and then quickly hold down the volume up button; then select
‒ or –
Turn on or restart the tablet, and then quickly hold down the volume down button; then select
from the boot options menu.
Recovery Manager
, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
·sing ¸P Recovery media to recover
You can use HP ¹ecovery media to recover the original system. This method can be used if your system does
not have an HP ¹ecovery partition or if the hard drive is not working properly.
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Backing up, restoring, and recovering