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To view or change the settings:
Select the
button, select
, and then select
·pdate & security
Windows ·pdate
, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
To schedule a time for installing updates, select
Advanced options
, and then follow the on-screen
·sing ¸P Touchpoint Manager (select products only)
HP Touchpoint Manager is a cloud-based IT solution that enables businesses to ·ƫ·¸²³Ê·À\ manage and
secure their company assets. HP Touchpoint Manager helps protect devices against malware and other
attacks, monitors device health, and enables you to reduce time spent solving end-user device and security
issues. You can quickly download and install the software, which is highly cost ·ƫ·¸²³Ê· relative to traditional
in-house solutions.
Securing your wireless network
When you set up a WLAN or access an existing WLAN, always enable security features to protect your network
from unauthorized access. WLANs in public areas (hotspots) like ¸Rƫ·· shops and airports may not provide
any security.
Backing up your software applications and information
¹egularly back up your software applications and information to protect them from being permanently lost or
damaged through a virus attack or a software or hardware failure.
·sing an optional security cable (select products only)
A security cable (purchased separately) is designed to act as a deterrent, but it may not prevent the computer
from being mishandled or stolen. To connect a security cable to your computer, follow the device
manufacturerÍs instructions.
Chapter 8
Securing your computer and information