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À²XU¿ƬQJHU tap (TouchPad only)
Use the ÏRX´»ƬQJ·´ tap to open the action center.
Tap four ƬQJ·´Ë on the Touchpad to open the action center and view current settings and QR²³Ƭ¸±²³RQ˵
¾ÁUHH¿ƬQJHU swipe (TouchPad only)
Use the ²½´··»ƬQJ·´ swipe to view open windows and to switch between open windows and the desktop.
Swipe 3 ƬQJ·´Ë away from you to see all open windows.
Swipe 3 ƬQJ·´Ë toward you to show the desktop.
Swipe 3 ƬQJ·´Ë left or right to switch between open windows.
Chapter 5
Navigating the screen