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Connecting Bluetooth devices
Before you can use a Bluetooth device, you must establish a Bluetooth connection.
in the taskbar search box, and then select
Bluetooth and other devices settings
Turn on Bluetooth, if it is not already turned on.
Select your device from the list, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
If the device requires Ê·´³Ƭ¸±²³RQÄ a pairing code is displayed. On the device you are adding, follow the
on-screen instructions to verify that the code on your device matches the pairing code. For more information,
refer to the documentation provided with the device.
If your device does not appear in the list, be sure that Bluetooth on that device is turned on. Some
devices may have additional requirements; refer to the documentation provided with the device.
Connecting to a wired network—¼AN (select products only)
Use a LAN connection if you want to connect the computer directly to a router in your home (instead of
working wirelessly), or if you want to connect to an existing network at your Rƫ³¸·µ
Connecting to a LAN requires an ¹Ç-45 (network) cable and a network jack or an optional docking device or
expansion port, if there is no ¹Ç-45 jack on the computer.
To connect the network cable, follow these steps:
Plug the network cable into the network jack
on the computer.
Plug the other end of the network cable into a network wall jack
or router.
If the network cable contains noise suppression circuitry
, which prevents interference from
TV and radio reception, orient the circuitry end of the cable toward the computer.
Connecting to your mobile device (select products only)
HP Orbit provides a way to easily move ƬÀ·ËÄ pictures, videos, and other information between your mobile
device and computer.
Before setting up and using HP Orbit, make sure your computer and mobile device are connected to
the same Wi-Fi network.
Chapter 3
Connecting to a network